Mitch Marner's agent up to his old tricks with negotiations

Brett Thomas Wills
June 21, 2024  (7:53 PM)

Toronto Maple Leafs Mitch Marner
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It has been reported since the moment the final buzzer sounded on the Toronto Maple Leafs 2023-2024 season that changes are coming and that one member of the core four must be traded to salvage what is left of the talent that could help propel the team to their first Stanley Cup victory since the 1967 season, however as the summer has gone on we are now being led to believe that Mitch Marner may stay in the Blue and White and that an extension with the twenty-seven-year-old is not only plausible but likely.

It seems a little suspect that every time Mitch Marner's name is brought up as to whether or not he will be moved or stay, the media keeps talking about Darren Ferris, his agent. It feels as if the Marner camp is using the media coverage as leverage to determine their next move. Whether he stays and signs a contract is ultimately up to him, his camp and the Maple Leafs, but with his No Move Claus the teams' options are limited so is this scenario playing right into the hands of Ferris and his client? It certainly seems like it.
it's already been proven that the Maple Leafs are at least a little handcuffed with the contracts that are currently on the books. But with the cap expected to rise is it even conceivable that the Maple Leafs can hold onto Marner, along with Matthews, Nylander and Tavares who has one year left on his contract? not to mention Morgan Reilly while adding to a team that is desperate not only for playoff success but a Stanley Cup victory.
Does it make sense that it feels like Marner and Ferris are trying to negotiate what happens next through the media? Not really, but it's likely been a tool that's had influence before. Whatever happens, come mid-September for the Maple Leafs, you certainly have to believe that the fanbase will take a look at the roster with a fine-tooth comb and voice their opinion like they always do as to whether this team is destined for a long season or if they'll crash and burn as per usual.
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Mitch Marner's agent up to his old tricks with negotiations

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