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Trademark applications suggests possible names for Utah's new NHL team

Published April 18, 2024 at 11:50 PM

While no official name has been decided yet, there's buzz around what the NHL's newest team in Salt Lake City might be called. A recent filing with the US Patent Office has sparked speculation about the possible monikers for this upcoming Utah-based team.

Owners Ryan and Ashley Smith have taken a laid-back approach to naming their team. They've even hinted at the possibility of kicking off the next season simply as "Utah," giving themselves time to pick a perfect nickname.

A sneak peek at some trademark filings reported by, however, gives us a glimpse into what the names might be. Registered anonymously, these potential names—Utah Blizzard, Utah Venom, Utah Fury, Utah HC, and Utah Hockey Club—are all being earmarked for clothing lines.

"On Tuesday, applications were filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office for trademarks on the following names:

Utah Blizzard
Utah Venom
Utah Fury
Utah HC
Utah Hockey Club

All of those have matching domain registrations that were made last week – anonymously, of course – and all of the domain registrations except for Blizzard seem to have been made by the same group."

The name "Blizzard" would be a fitting tribute to Utah's renowned ski resorts and their impressive snowfall, which averages around 270 inches annually. "Venom," on the other hand, taps into the state's wildlife, which includes a variety of venomous creatures like scorpions and rattlesnakes. The significance of "Fury" is less clear, potentially serving as a versatile or broad-based option.

For now, it seems the team might play under the banner of Utah HC or Utah Hockey Club while the Smiths deliberate on a final choice. They're reportedly pulling in top talent to help with this branding challenge, ensuring the team's name resonates with fans and reflects the spirit of Utah.

"Not sure if this is out there, but Smith Entertainment Group has hired Doubleday & Cartwright, who has handled branding for numerous pro teams, to work on name/logo for new Utah NHL team."

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Trademark application reveals potential names for new NHL team in Utah
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Trademark applications suggests possible names for Utah's new NHL team

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