Massive Trade Speculates Around The Toronto Maple Leafs And The San Jose Sharks

Published November 18, 2023 at 11:48 PM
The Toronto Maple Leafs find themselves at the center of ongoing trade speculations this season, and today's buzz introduces a potential game-changer for the team.

In their quest to address defensive concerns, the Maple Leafs are exploring trade options to fortify their lineup. Disappointing performances from players like John Klingberg and Mark Giordano have intensified the need for defensive reinforcements. Today's trade proposal not only aims to bolster the defensive end but also injects a major name into the forward group.

An intriguing suggestion from Editor In Leaf proposes a substantial trade involving the struggling San Jose Sharks. Tomas Hertl, the star forward with seven years left on his contract, seems keen on seeking a new opportunity beyond the Sharks' contention window.

In this scenario, the Maple Leafs could orchestrate a blockbuster trade, acquiring young defenseman Ty Emberson from the Sharks. At 23, Emberson brings a promising right-handed defensive presence, having played nine NHL games this season.

Considering the Sharks' position, shedding Hertl's contract becomes a likely move, potentially reducing his price despite a strong season. If additional teams participate in retaining salary, the Maple Leafs could offer a prospect and a couple of picks, addressing two potential gaps in their lineup.

While this trade may unfold closer to the deadline, talks could initiate soon. One thing remains clear the Maple Leafs are in need of strategic moves to fine-tune their roster before the playoffs kick in.

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Massive Trade Speculates Around The Toronto Maple Leafs And The San Jose Sharks

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