Connor Bedard Releases Crucial Injury Update At The All-Star Game

Published February 3, 2024 at 8:42 PM

Connor Bedard, initially chosen as the Blackhawks' representative for the All-Star game, had to sit out due to a recovering broken jaw. Despite missing the on-ice action, Bedard took the opportunity to provide an update on his health during the festivities.

On a panel, the rookie center shared insights into his participation in the skills competition and the progress of his jaw injury.

Expressing that he feels essentially back to normal, Bedard emphasized the importance of ensuring his injury is fully healed before making a return to the lineup:
"I feel good and I feel ready. But, of course, I've got to make sure it's healed and make sure you're not risking anything out there."

With no specific return date set, Bedard acknowledged, "I just gotta see how it's looking, but I feel good and I feel ready."

Since Bedard's last game on January 5th, where he suffered a broken jaw, the Blackhawks have struggled, falling to 32nd place in the NHL. Despite the team's challenges, Bedard still leads in scoring with 15 goals and 33 points in 39 games.

His absence has coincided with the Blackhawks' apparent rebuild, potentially positioning them for another top draft pick. As the season progresses, stay tuned for updates on Bedard's status and the team's evolving journey.

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Connor Bedard Releases Crucial Injury Update At The All-Star Game

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