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Brad Treliving provides details regarding Matthews & Woll's injuries

Published May 10, 2024 at 11:50

Auston Matthews' absence from the Toronto Maple Leafs' playoff lineup left fans scratching their heads.

Initially sidelined by illness, it later turned into an injury, sidelining him for crucial Games 5 and 6. Although he made a return for Game 7, it wasn't enough to salvage the series, and the Maple Leafs faced yet another early exit from the playoffs.

During end-of-season media sessions, Matthews played it close to the chest regarding his absence. However, General Manager Brad Treliving shed some light on the situation today, offering insight into Matthews' health status.

Treliving clarifies Auston Matthews injury. Picked up a virus after Game 2hit in Game 4, presented «head injury» issues. Was not cleared until Game 7.

Treliving also revealed that Matthews wasn't the only player dealing with injuries, providing updates on other key players.

Bobby McMann MCL injury, would have been available sometime in Round 2.

Connor Dewar is having shoulder surgery

Joseph Woll back injury at end of Game 6, kayoed him for Game 7

It turns out both Nylander and Matthews were contending with head injuries. Treliving emphasized the team's cautious approach, prioritizing player health and safety above all else. The medical team insisted on Matthews sitting out until symptoms resolved, ensuring they didn't overlook any potential head issues.

As the offseason looms, the Maple Leafs face uncertainties and decisions. With a busy summer ahead, there's much to address and resolve within the team.
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Brad Treliving provides details regarding Matthews & Woll's injuries

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