NHL insider reveals Mitch Marner being traded just took a major twist

Hunter Bowman
May 6, 2024  (11:29)

Mitch Marner during pre game warmups
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When Mitch Marner joined the Toronto Maple Leafs, it felt like a great fit. He was a local guy, loved the team, and was drafted early. Alongside William Nylander and Auston Matthews, it seemed like the Leafs would do really well.

But now, eight years later, they're not doing as well as expected. They keep losing in the playoffs, like they did against the Boston Bruins. It's clear they need to make some changes. They can't afford to pay $40 million to just four players.
Once again, in the playoffs, they struggled to score goals. They just couldn't break through. Now, it seems like they want to try something different.
In this morning's 32 Thoughts Podcast, Insider Elliotte Friedman shared some insights:

Elliotte Friedman on Mitch Marner's situation with the Maple Leafs-

The idea of having 40 million dollars tied up in 4 forwards, those days are over. The Maple Leafs are going to say that kind of roster construction is done. It doesn't work. They might have to bear with it for one more year, but overall that philosophy is done.

So, who will be the odd one out among the Maple Leafs' Core Four?
According to Friedman, it's likely Mitch Marner. Surprisingly, Friedman suggests it might even be at Marner's request.
Yes, he has control over the situation with his no movement clause. But there are a couple of questions here, one, does he think it's better long-term for him somewhere else? Does any part of him think it's time?

I do think it's possible he will think about it. There will be people in the Marner collective, people around him, having conversations about if it's better for him to go somewhere else.

Number two is the organization, do they think it's time? While Marner has the no movement clause, the Leafs have the power to say "we're not going to offer what you want." The Maple Leafs can play it out next year but you're not going to get an extension and you're not getting the 8th year. They can force a situation. They can say you can work with us now or make your decision later.

Marner asking for a move wouldn't be a total surprise. This season, he's been arguing more with the media and hasn't taken much responsibility for the team's struggles.
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Insider reveals Mitch Marner may welcome a trade out of Toronto
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NHL insider reveals Mitch Marner being traded just took a major twist

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