BREAKING: The NHL Suspends a Star Player 41 Games For Violating Serious Rule

Hunter Bowman
October 26, 2023  (11:29)

NHL to Suspend a Star for 41 Games Over Gambling Violation

In a surprising development, the NHL is set to suspend Shane Pinto, an unsigned Ottawa Senators center, for a substantial 41-game period due to a breach of league gambling regulations. This information comes from multiple sources and has been reported by Sportsnet.
It's important to clarify that the NHL's allegation does not revolve around Pinto's involvement in betting on NHL games. Back in March 2022, the NHL issued a clear reminder to all personnel within the league and its clubs, including players. This reminder emphasized the absolute prohibition of any form of betting on NHL games, regardless of its legality. Such actions, it stressed, would be deemed dishonorable and prejudicial to the league's welfare and the sport of hockey, as defined in the NHL's constitution.
The memo issued also made it explicit that NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman holds the authority to discipline individuals who engage in inappropriate gambling activities. This can entail expulsion or suspension for a defined or indefinite duration, cancellation of any existing contracts, or the imposition of fines. The policy underlines the league's commitment to taking prompt and assertive measures in penalizing anyone found to be in violation of the NHL Gambling Policy.
The precise timeline of these events remains unclear, but it is believed that the investigation, initiated during the summer, intensified over the past few weeks. While this inquiry was ongoing, all discussions concerning Pinto's contract were put on hold. A recent hearing was conducted by the NHL regarding this matter.
Currently, the details of Pinto's actions remain undisclosed, but past incidents in other sports leagues have resulted in player sanctions, even when the bets did not involve their respective sports. For example, in June, Tennessee Titans lineman Nicholas Petit-Frere was suspended for six games for placing a legal bet at the team's facility, which violated NFL rules.
The next significant question is how the Ottawa Senators intend to address this situation. It is suggested that one reason Pinto has refrained from requesting a trade is his appreciation for the organization's discretion in handling the ongoing investigation.
This is a developing story, and further information is expected to emerge as the situation unfolds.
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BREAKING: The NHL Suspends a Star Player 41 Games For Violating Serious Rule

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