NHL reportedly looking south of the border for future Global Series games

Published October 13, 2023 at 10:00

The NHL has been trying to expand their global viewership since 2017 when they began the annual NHL Global Series. This has taken the NHL to Europe, Asia and most recently, in Australia, which were the first games played in the Southern Hemisphere.

But now the league reportedly has their sights set on a tapping into a new market - Mexico.

According to the NHL's chief content officer Steve Mayer, the league has Mexico City on their short list to host a game, adding that there are teams that are wanting to go down and play there.

"Mexico City is on a short list because our teams are very interested in going there and exploring that market," Mayer said.

"Our international department and our events department get so many inquiries from all over the world, and we've heard from so many people that have done major events in big cities, and they love the fact that hockey can be viable in their countries,"

There are plenty of options on who the National Hockey League could send to Mexico City when they decide to play games there. The Dallas Stars and Los Angeles Kings have held camps in Mexico City, and the Arizona Coyotes are one of the teams pushing to play there down the road.

The NHL has four more games on the schedule for the 2023-24 Global Series, which comes next month in Sweden at Avicii Arena with the Detroit Red Wings, Minnesota Wild, Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs being involved.

Usually, the National Hockey League announces Global Series games for the following season every Spring, so we'll have to keep an eye out in early 2024 to see if they'll be heading to Mexico City for the '24-25 season.
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NHL reportedly looking south of the border for future Global Series games

Which teams should play in Mexico?

Arizona/Los Angeles1326 %
Vegas/Arizona1530 %
Los Angeles/Anaheim1020 %
Anaheim/Arizona1224 %
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