Massive Trade Speculations Surround The Maple Leafs & The Flames

Published November 29, 2023 at 11:31 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs and Calgary Flames have been in trade talks throughout the season, exploring various options to address their respective needs.

One potential trade scenario involves the Leafs acquiring Flames defenseman Chris Tanev. In this proposal, the Flames would receive Leafs prospect Fraser Minten and a 2024 3rd round pick. Considering the Leafs' win-now approach and the Flames' rebuilding phase, this trade appears reasonable. However, the Leafs might scrutinize any deal more closely if they face playoff disappointment once again. Salary retention by the Flames would likely be necessary for this trade to work.

Another, more expensive proposal includes significant salary retention from multiple teams:

To Toronto:
Chris Tanev (66% retained)

To Calgary:
Nick Abruzzese
2025 3rd round pick (TOR)
2026 1st round pick (TOR)

To 3rd team (for salary retention on Tanev):
2024 4th round pick (TOR)

While the Leafs might prefer this option since it retains Fraser Minten, it comes at a higher cost due to the draft picks involved.

To Toronto:
Chris Tanev (50% - $2.25M)
Nikita Zadorov (50% - $1.875M)

To Calgary:
2024 1st (TOR)
2026 3rd (TOR)
John Klingberg
Nick Abruzzese
Conor Timmins

While this trade might seem costly for the Leafs, it presents a balanced exchange of assets.

Additionally, there's speculation about a potential deal involving star forwards William Nylander and Jonathan Huberdeau:

To Toronto:
Jonathan Huberdeau (50% retained)

To Calgary:
William Nylander

Despite the Leafs expressing interest in trading Nylander, a deal has yet to materialize. The proposal involving Huberdeau raises questions about Calgary's willingness to retain a significant portion of his contract.

As trade discussions continue, the Leafs and Flames explore numerous possibilities to strengthen their respective rosters, with fan-generated proposals sparking debates among hockey enthusiasts.

Source: Hockeypatrol
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Massive Trade Speculations Surround The Maple Leafs & The Flames

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