Another Calgary Flames player requests to be traded

June 8, 2024  (9:18)

Another Calgary Flames player requests to be traded
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Craig Conroy has his hands full as another member of the Calgary Flames has reportedly requested a trade out of the city.

Before things fell through, Calgary Flames goalkeeper Jacob Markstrom was on the verge of being acquired by the New Jersey Devils in March. The two franchises haven't let this deter them. The two teams have reportedly resumed negotiations for Markstrom, according to TSN Hockey Insider Pierre Lebrun.
Jay Onrait stated that although the Flames and Devils have resumed talks, there is still a debate regarding what the return on the Swedish goalie should be. Lebrun appeared on SC. Other teams have entered the market as a result of the Devils' hesitation to reach a deal, which might raise Markstrom's price even further.
"Those conversations with the Flames have taken up again. We know that those two teams almost had a deal done before the trade deadline earlier this season before March 8. It fell apart, but the Devils remain interested in Jacob Markstrom and as importantly, Jacob Markstrom has a full no-move, but my understanding is he's willing to go to New Jersey," LeBrun said Wednesday on SC with Jay Onrait.

"There are other teams now that weren't there on Markstrom before the trade deadline that have now entered the picture. The Flames are getting calls from multiple teams on Markstrom, not just from the Devils... At this point in time, there's still a difference of opinion on the return, on what it should cost the Devils to get Jacob Markstrom out of Calgary and the Flames are willing to be patient in terms of having a team meet their price."

There are two seasons left on the 34-year-old's contract, with a $6 million cap hit. This past season, he recorded a 23-23-2 record, a.905 save percentage, and a 2.78 goals against average GAA in 48 games.
His no-movement clause in the deal will give him ultimate sign-off, although many teams will be interested in his services. There are rumors that Markstrom wants to work with a contender when he makes his next stop.
Though other teams like the LA Kings, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Carolina Hurricanes will be searching for goalkeeper help this offseason and seem closer to contender status that Markstrom is hoping for, the Devils seem to be the most active in the media waves.
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Another Calgary Flames player requests to be traded

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