Noah Hanifin Officially Narrowed It Down To Four Teams He's Willing To Sign With

Published February 25, 2024 at 3:01 PM

As the March 8th trade deadline approaches, buzz around Noah Hanifin is picking up in the NHL circles.

Hanifin's List Narrows Down to Four

NHL insider Elliotte Friedman has let slip that Hanifin is eyeing four teams for his next move: Tampa Bay, Boston, Florida, and New Jersey. It appears he's keen on a team based in the USA, with all four squads in the mix for playoff action.

«Friedman on 32TP says the 4 teams everyone is looking at for Noah Hanifin (teams he would extend with, looks like he wants to go to the States) are Tampa, Boston, Florida and New Jersey.»

So, who's going to make the play for Hanifin?

Starting with the Tampa Bay Lightning, they're on the hunt for a defenseman of Hanifin's caliber, especially with Mikhail Sergachev out. But, the financial gymnastics required to fit Hanifin under Tampa's tight salary cap could be a hurdle.

Then, there's the Boston Bruins, always on the lookout to add muscle to their lineup. Hanifin could be a perfect fit, though they'll have to navigate future cap challenges.

The Florida Panthers are another team in the conversation. They're up against the cap but could shuffle their roster to welcome Hanifin, aiming to beef up their defense.

Lastly, the New Jersey Devils have the cap space and could easily make room for Hanifin. Yet, bringing him on board could mean less ice time for rising stars like Luke Hughes and Simon Nemec.

Each team faces a tough decision. As they mull over their options, the outcome could leave a lasting impact, with some possibly kicking themselves for not snagging Hanifin when they had the chance.

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Noah Hanifin Officially Narrowed It Down To Four Teams He's Willing To Sign With

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