BREAKING: Entire Roster Refuses To Play Due To Improper Conduct From Head Coach

Published November 5, 2023 at 9:07 PM
The Western University Women's Hockey team is facing a challenging situation as they consider boycotting hockey games due to recent allegations. This decision could have significant implications for their upcoming game against the Ontario Tech Ridgebacks.

Numerous players have come forward with allegations of improper conduct against head coach Candice Moxley and Western's strength and conditioning coach, Jeff Watson. The allegations against Moxley include claims that she pressured players to play through injuries and failed to address complaints about Watson's alleged misconduct.

Players also allege that Moxley did not take action when players reported harassment by Watson. Despite these allegations, coach Candace Moxley was recently reinstated.

As a result, team members are not only threatening to boycott practices but also games, citing concerns about their safety and the university's commitment to their well-being. It appears that the players have lost trust in the university's investigative process, believing it was neither fair nor transparent.

The question remains: will this decision backfire on the university?

Source: Hawksinsider
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BREAKING: Entire Roster Refuses To Play Due To Improper Conduct From Head Coach

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