Toronto Maple Leafs Star On Track To Break Longest Point Streak

Published November 6, 2023 at 11:28 PM

William Nylander, often overshadowed by his Maple Leafs teammate Auston Matthews, is quietly on the path to breaking records, and it seems like not enough people are talking about it. While Matthews is undoubtedly a superstar and gets much of the attention in Toronto, Nylander's performance this season is noteworthy.

In the salary cap era, the longest point streak to start a season stands at 22 games, achieved by Dany Heatley in 2005. Nylander, with 12 consecutive games with at least one point, is hot on the heels of this record. His consistency on the scoresheet has been a driving force behind the Maple Leafs' success early in the season.

Nylander's play has been electric, and he's currently in a 12-game streak, a testament to his offensive prowess. His ability to contribute points consistently is helping the Maple Leafs secure victories.

If he continues on this trajectory, he could potentially make history with his point streak. The race to break Dany Heatley's record is one to watch, and Nylander's determination to secure that bag is evident in his impressive play.
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Toronto Maple Leafs Star On Track To Break Longest Point Streak

Will William Nylander be able to continue his point streak?

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