Ryan Reaves shares what he doesn't like about music at practice

Published September 22, 2023 at 5:04 PM

Ryan Reaves has been soaking in the spotlight and thoroughly enjoying his time as a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Reaves took to the ice if the second time as a Leaf at today's training camp.

Over the years the Maple Leafs have implemented music at the team's practices, something they have been heavily criticised for. After his second practice Reaves was asked his thoughts on the team playing music during practice.

To the surprise of money Reaves enjoys the music at practice but he only has one complaint...the type of music.

Ryan Reaves is a big fan of having music on during practice, which is a thing here in Toronto, however he doesn't like the choice of EDM music. Says you need a lights show if you are going to blast EDM.

Over the summer, Toronto management identified that the group was too quiet and needed someone to come in and inject some life into the room at times. Reaves certainly will do that with his fun loving, loud, outgoing personality.

The player tasked with controlling the AUX cord last season Michael Bunting, signed with the Carolina Hurricanes this offseason. If Reaves wants the AUX cord nobody in the Toronto locker room will be fighting him for it.
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Ryan Reaves shares what he doesn't like about music at practice

How many games will Ryan Reaves play for Toronto this season?

60-70 games2117.1 %
70 -80 games2419.5 %
50-60 games3629.3 %
Under 40 games4234.1 %
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